I am Lisa Lewis. A Mother, Radio Talk Show Host, Executive Producer/Host of Special Events, and a Business Magnate. As well as a Humanitarian that loves to give back and pay it forward

Here’s a brief description of how my business was formed and what it is that we perform.

Lisa Lewis Company is a Media & Special Events organization that was founded on October 03, 2016. As the world changes and people spend more and more time online and on their phones, special events are more necessary to bring people face to face.

Events are a great platform to connect in person with your followers, fans, and loyal consumers, as a way to step away from the computer screen and meet in the real world, globally, and develop even deeper connections. And, we use the radio as a tool to connect listeners around the world with the most prolific “Movers and Influencers.”

Let’s connect and see how I may be of contribution to you and your brand.

My best,

Lisa Lewis.
Founder, Lisa Lewis Company


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