If You Want to Change Your Results, You Have to Change Your Thinking First

My team and I constantly ask ourselves, “How do we make the biggest impact on helping our clients get the results they want faster?”

The powerful answer is for us to help change people’s limited thinking or help them adjust their standards or habits to support their goals.

So we encourage clients to nurture thought-provoking relationships and opportunities, thus creating more thought-provoking results.

Big returns come from thinking smart.

Here’s a simple assessment that will trigger thought and action. Rate yourself 1 to 10 on each question below (1 is
low; 10 is high).

Then take a few minutes to write down what actions you want to change in response to your answers.

  1. How is my life working out?
  2. How’s my daily attitude; how happy am I?
  3. How are my relationships with my family, friends, co-workers, coaches and mentors?
  4. How’s my health (weight overall wellness, self-esteem, stress levels, etc.)}
  5. How effectivelv am I feeding my mind? (How many books have I read in the last SIX months? What do I wish to become? Am I studying productively?)
  6. How do I rate my lifestyle (my satisfaction with activities such as travel, explormg, attending fun events, etc.)?
  7. Where is my income in comparison to where I want it to be?
  8. How often do I give back to others?
  9. How is mv goal-setting? How satisfied am I with how my goals have manifested in my life?


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